E34 aims to deliver outstanding service. Value creation, integrity and responsiveness are at the heart of our approach.

Through a range of direct consulting, executive mentoring and coaching, our specialisation revolves around:

Preparing Businesses for Expansion and Divesture

We assist private companies by preparing them for expansion, and if applicable trade sale or listing on stock exchanges, through the development of structured, enduring and sustainable businesses that maximise shareholder returns.

Corporate Restructuring and Organisational Change Management

We help organisations prepare for coming changes, manage complex organisational transformation to desired outcomes, operate successfully once transformation has occurred and realise long-term measurable benefits.

Business Strategic Analysis, Improvement and Due Diligence

We review the viability of organisations and processes including identifying areas of concern, assessing key risks, highlighting strengths and weakness and recommending areas for compelling improvement.

Project Management

We ensure the successful development, management and implementation of project plans, consultation with stakeholders, identification and management of project risks and issues and delivery of milestones, on time, on budget and with a successful outcome.

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Client Successes:

Ansett Airlines

Department of Justice

Department of Planning and Community Development

Department of Sustainability and Environment

Department of Infrastructure

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