Director - State Government Agency - January 2019

"It has been an absolute privilege and a pleasure to work with you. I have never met a more dedicated and committed consultant. You helped me enormously, and have been pivotal in a number of key projects. Of course, the trust fund work was a particularly memorable and successful project...who would have thought that we'd be so successful? That work left a lasting legacy for the Government. I really enjoyed working with you."

Director - Medium Sized Mining Services Business - March 2012

"The best money I have ever spent."

Director - State Government Agency - September 2011

"The work you've done for me, and for (X), has been simply outstanding with huge tangible benefits / returns. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. I'd also be very pleased to act as a referee for you."

Director - Medium Sized Mining Services Business - August 2011

"Thanks for your involvement in the two day board meeting, all went very well; we are now starting to click."

Communications Manager - Peak Industry Body - July 2011

"The communication guide (developed by E34) has been warmly received. It will be provided to students and utilised as a reference document on our website that is accessed by our 7,000 members."

Director - Medium Sized Mining Services Business - May 2011

"Thank you for all your efforts. I am in awe and appreciation of what you have done over the last 15 months."

Director - Medium Sized Mining Services Business - November 2010

"Damien, what a great two days. I must compliment you on the amazing effort and results you have achieved with the limited help from us. Thank you and please keep up the great work."

General Manager - Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) - July 2010

"On behalf of the AICD, I am pleased to advise you that you have been awarded the Diploma for the Company Directors Course. Your grade reflects that your examination and assignment displayed a sound awareness of the complexities and implications relevant to the effective governance by a board."

Governance Committee Chairperson - State Government Agency - May 2010

"The Committee acknowledges the outstanding work of Damien Pound in relation to the recovery of interest from (X Banks), but in particular the (X Bank) matter, as this recovery was entirely due to Damien's insight, effort and expertise."

Director - State Government Agency - May 2010

"You've done a great job Damien. This (recovery) is down to your good work and perseverance."

Chief Executive Officer - The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia - April 2009

"I am pleased to advise you that your nomination for advancement to Fellowship has been successful. Congratulations on achieving your advancement."

Outstanding Achievement Awards, Excellent Organisational Performance - State Government Agency - August 2008

"The creation of the new online performance management system used by over 1,000 staff, required the integration of a range of existing systems and the development of new and improved tools that help the department meet its goals."

Executive Director - State Government Agency - July 2008

"I would like to say what a fantastic job you've done with designing (X's) new performance management system and getting online. This has been a truly enormous task with many complex hurdles that have popped up along the way. You had the vision of what you wanted and undertook this project in a very thorough and detailed way, not only engaging collaboratively with our external partners, but also with the (X) union, and with managers across (X) to ensure that we have a state of the art, fit for purpose product."

Executive Director - State Government Agency - April 2007

"We are very pleased with the transition to the new HR Shared Service. All has been managed very smoothly and professionally. I understand calls are now coming through to HR Shared Services and again with very professional and timely responses."

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