Menu of E34 Services

E34 only provides services that are aimed at improving organisational financial performance (meaning increasing financial efficiency, effectiveness and / or profitability). E34s experience enables it to confidently offer the following services:

Project management

Strategic planning and implementation

Outcome execution

Business and expansion planning

Exit planning, succession planning, staff retention

Organisational planning, restructuring and downsizing

Business sale or acquisition facilitation

Financial due diligence

Revenue enhancement and non-mainstream marketing

Financial modelling and analysis

Finance function and position review / improvement

HR and payroll function review / improvement

Investment and treasury function review / improvement

Internal controls and fraud review / improvement

Business process review / improvement

Disaster recovery (business continuity) planning

Financial litigation support

Contract management

Debtor recovery

Risk analysis and mitigation

Expert advisor, Government and other stakeholder management

Board of Director establishment / participation

Management reporting

Systems implementation

Policy and procedure development

Performance management framework development

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